What is Jobs Tractor?

Jobs Tractor searches twitter for developer jobs near you. We try to get real people with real vacancies not agencies and not the jobs boards you already know. At it's best Jobs Tractor finds jobs which aren't advertised anywhere else.

Why is Jobs Tractor?

Partly because I thought it'd be fun to build and learn some new technologies but also because I was interested in who was hiring near me and what skills they were looking for. I thought this would be a useful tool for more people than just myself, and people seem to agree

Who is Jobs Tractor?

Jobs Tractor is built by Robin Warren. Ask me anything me by email Robin@JobsTractor.com. I'm passionate about building things and about fixing problems. I also commute 3 hours each day in which I indulge those passions. I spend about half of this time walking to and from the train station listening to podcasts, and for the last few months the other half has been spent working on Jobs Tractor.

What are Jobs Tractor's numbers?

Jobs Tractor currently has about 4000 jobs a week to display. About 4 times as many again are discarded as being from agencies or jobs boards. There is, I think, scope to increase both of these numbers.

Jobs Tractor Logo and Screenshots

There are screenshots and a full size version of the Jobs Tractor logo on the resources page. If you're planning on writing about Jobs Tractor I'd love to hear about it and am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks from Jobs Tractor

Node.js on the server

Express for making node a bit easier to work with

Jade for really nice and clean html templating

MongoDB for storing data

Twitter for their free API. As well as the Twitter bootstrap CSS.

Google for mapping/geocoding APIs and search so I could find code to cut and paste this baby together ;)

Linode for hosting, and excellent documentation to help get everything set up.

Nginx which handled a 10k spike in visitors from hacker news with ease.