Jobs Tractor language index December 2011

Based on 9820 developer Jobs advertised on twitter in December 2011.

This is the second month I've created these stats, in the future the long term trends will be interesting but for now we just have this months data compared to November. If you'd like to keep track of these trends, or see some of the interesting stats within the data set then follow the Jobs Tractor blog where I'll announce new releases of these stats and the other interesting things I find in the data.


Java and PHP continue to dominate at the top of the table although they traded places in December they still come in ahead of Objective-C in 3rd place by a pretty big margin. After that we have Objective-C making it into the top 3 with nearly twice as many jobs as those requesting Android skills. Android has moved up slightly in December jumping ahead of Ruby and lower down we see C++ and Python trading places. These month to month moves are I think less interesting unless they form part of a longer term trend. Maybe 2012 will bring some interesting changes at the top or maybe we'll see some current niche players (Scala? F#?) creep in at the lower parts of the table.

Objective C457
Java (Android)257

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Data from Jobs Tractor

The data for the above is taken from twitter for the Jobs Tractor developer jobs listings.If you're a developer looking for work you might want to check out the latest jobs on Jobs Tractor.