Jobs Tractor language popularity January 2012

Web development top but Mobile development catching up fast

Web development with Java and PHP continues to dominate at the top of the table (and by quite a margin) but the way Objective-C and Android skills are moving it could be one of them in the number two spot some time this year. Objective-C kept it's top 3 billing in January but jobs requesting Android skills managed to put more distance between themselves and 4th place SQL. I think the question is: will Android or Objective-C development take the number 2 position first?

January - A good time to be looking for work as a developer

Further down the table there was little movement but we do see making it in over the threshold to appear at the bottom of the table. The thing which made that possible is the near doubling in Jobs in January vs December. This is an expected seasonal variation in the Jobs market. It will be interesting to see how much, if any, drop off we get into Spring/Summer.

Objective C873
Java (Android)624

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Based on 17836 developer Jobs advertised on twitter in January 2012

The data for the above is taken from developer jobs found on twitter by Jobs Tractor. If you're a developer looking for work you might want to check out the Jobs Tractor developer jobs board.

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