Jobs Tractor language trends July 2012

Numbers holding steady

The number of jobs advertised is holding steady compared to June with 12972 developer jobs in total advertised. However, the number for the individual skills are down. I've done a few spot checks to make sure the spam is still being filtered accurately and all seems fine. Possibly this is just a blip in the data set.

Python holding steady whilst others slip

Most of the action this month was at the bottom end of the table as Python held steady just over 100 jobs whilst C++ and ActionScript fell down the table. Towards the top there was the usual trading of places as Android just beat out SQL to the number four spot. Still a long way behind Objective C though, maybe all those nexus 7 sales will fuel the jobs market?

Objective C495
Java (Android)276

Based on 12972 developer Jobs advertised on twitter in July 2012

The data for the above is taken from developer jobs found on twitter by Jobs Tractor. If you're a developer looking for work you might want to check out the Jobs Tractor developer jobs board.

If you'd like to keep track of these trends, or see some of the interesting stats within the data set then follow the Jobs Tractor blog where I'll announce new releases of these stats and the other interesting things I find in the data.