Jobs Tractor language trends March 2012

Objective-C still challenging for the top, Android drops lower

Objective-C has held it's position with 941 jobs in March (up from 837 in February). Android was this months loser though dropping from 4th to 5th position, behind SQL. Objective-C still looks set to challenge either PHP or Java for one of those top two positions but Android jobs don't seen to have the momentum at the moment. Lower down the table there was little movement this month with C and C++ moving above and Python respectively.

March job numbers still keeping up with previous months

There has been a gradual decline in jobs being advertised since January, with February and March bringing in 500 less than were advertised in the previous month. Hopefully we continue to see a strong developer jobs market for the rest of 2012.

Objective C941
Java (Android)464

Based on 16855 developer Jobs advertised on twitter in March 2012

The data for the above is taken from developer jobs found on twitter by Jobs Tractor. If you're a developer looking for work you might want to check out the Jobs Tractor developer jobs board.

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