Jobs Tractor language trends May 2012

Big jump in numbers in May

There was a big jump in the number of jobs recorded in May, up to 23420 from Aprils 15301. This could be down to some improvements I made to Jobs Tractor as opposed to anything going on in the jobs market. The number of jobs didn't just jump up for specific skills or locations but seemingly across the board. Although I wasn't trying to improve the number of jobs retained possibly I fixed a bug I was unaware of whilst making some changes to the backend which were aimed at improving a number of other things. We'll see in June and July though if numbers drop back down.

So, good news, Jobs Tractor has nearly 10k more jobs. Bad news, we can't really compare the overall total number of jobs historically any more. We'll have to wait for history to build up again.

More jobs, pretty similar rankings, some surprises.

Again, there were a few skills trading places but we sill have Java and PHP at the top of the board with Objective-C a slightly weaker 3rd place. C# managed to leapfrog Ruby, Javascript and Android into 5th place behind 4th place stalwart SQL. C++ also edged ahead of ActionScript possibly starting ActionScript's fall from the rankings?

Objective C919
Java (Android)516

Based on 23420 developer Jobs advertised on twitter in May 2012

The data for the above is taken from developer jobs found on twitter by Jobs Tractor. If you're a developer looking for work you might want to check out the Jobs Tractor developer jobs board.

If you'd like to keep track of these trends, or see some of the interesting stats within the data set then follow the Jobs Tractor blog where I'll announce new releases of these stats and the other interesting things I find in the data.